New Career Time

Some background on my new career decision…

In 2015 my good friend Marya O’Malley wrote her first self-help book. Marya told me about her book when we met up that following May on a friends’ retreat to Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs in New Mexico. (Wonderful place. Check it out at Little did we know our Ojo Caliente retreat would start me on my new career.

She had editors help her fine-tune her message, yet she felt something was missing. I offered to help. I believed I wanted to help authors as an editor and publicist when I retired. Marya accepted my help and published her book in October of 2016.  You Are Simply Divine: Simple Spiritual Practices for Divine Connectivity is the result. You can find it on Amazon at

You are Simply Divine Book Cover

After that, I was hooked on my new career as a book editor.

I retired and started the career I’ve dreamed about since 2012 – book editing. My background steers me towards non-fiction. My former career had me translating concepts into everyday language for audiences to understand. Some concepts were highly technical while others were how-to articles or promotional pieces. All required me to excel in writing.

My bachelor’s degree helped me to understand graphic design and color theory. I have used these skills throughout my career.

I learned to adapt form and layout from print to digital during my Interactive Communications masters’ degree program at Quinnipiac University.

How people read on different media is different. How people read today versus 2004 is different.

I’m an editor that…

  • makes sure all the parts fall into the rhythm of the book both verbally and visually;
  • moves words, sentences, paragraphs, and even chapters to ensure the message flows logically for the reader;
  • adds descriptive anchors and connecting phrases needed for the reader to better follow along in the story and message;
  • removes unnecessary words and passages for clarity;
  • formats the layout and adds the artwork making the book …
    • easy to read in print and digital,
    • easy to listen to the audio version, and
    • easy to skim when the time is of the essence for the reader.

As an editor, my goal is for readers to feel good that they invested their time and money into my clients’ publications.

As a publicist…

My goal is to guide people into and through the digital age of promotions. Some of this includes contributing to third-party media sites that can help promote his/her book, blog, research, consulting business, etc.

I work with individuals to develop a plan that fits them. We take into account skills, talents, resources, and workload.

It’s a partnership. I …

  • advise on topics,
  • edit copy,
  • develop digital presence
  • format book and publications,
  • research opportunities, and
  • develop a marketing strategy

all the while supplying support and encouragement to carry on.

Meanwhile, my clients do the heavy lifting of managing their business, writing original copy,  being interviewed, and connecting with their fan base.

I look forward to building our community 

Currently, I’m personally writing and editing through this blog and consulting others. I’m also advancing my skills through training courses. I have a couple mentors also helping me.

Sharing is Caring

As I travel on this new career path, I will share what I learn. There is much to learn so I should have much to share.

I want to leave you with a quote from PEW Research.

“… the best education programs will teach people how to be lifelong learners.”

Here’s to lifelong learning!



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