Jan’s Rules for Communicating Better

I follow many rules when I write and design because I enjoy communicating clearly with people. Some of these rules have taken years to perfect — like writing in the positive. Others I’ve been told to do since third-grade — like write in the active voice. The rules I posted here serve as my top rules that I follow. 7/3/2018 I forgot a BIG one…the 4-1-1 rule  and the Golden Rule (see items #3 and 4 below).

All will help your readers and audiences to better understand your message. Enjoy, Jan

Communicating for the better

  1. Adhere to the KISS principle – keep it simple stupid
  2. Use the BLUF principle – bottom line up front
  3. Remember the 4-1-1 rule when posting to social media; for every post about you/your company – share four posts of other people and one post from another source like a research firm’s blog on industry trends
  4. Follow the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated including in the digital world
  5. Use white space in your design
  6. Follow the rule of 3 in layout and design
  7. Design for eye movement because people scan before they decide to read
    1. F online
    2. Z offline
  8. Write in the active voice
  9. Write in the positive by eliminating negative words
  10. Use plain language by keeping to 6th-grade understanding
  11. Use real words – no acronyms
  12. Use words that describe versus industry lingo
  13. Keep sentence structure of articles to a minimum and use clues for the reader:
    1. Keep sentences short – less than 20 words; break into two if can 
    2. Use 1 to 3 sentences per paragraph; more if dependent
    3. Use subheads when topic changes or for emphasis
  14. Edit content multiple times before publishing. Even when you think you have completed your editing; edit one more time.
  15. Follow William Zinsser’s four principles for writers:
    1. Brevity
    2. Clarity
    3. Simplicity
    4. Humanity



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