Customer Relationship Management

Since the beginning of stone-age trade days, traders and shop owners understood the importance of managing their customers’ expectations and satisfaction levels to succeed. For over a century Dale Carnegie ( courses have taught students that same principle of putting customers first. I know; I am a Dale Carnegie Sales Course graduate.

We now call this awareness customer relationship management and use technology to help us.

With technology, our world has also become smaller while the number of people with whom we communicate grows larger. The “Dunbar Number” of 150 people we relied upon in our past has exploded; now requiring thousands of customers for success in the smallest of businesses.

CRM Software at work

In our digitally networked society of today, we need help. We still want our customers to:

  • Feel important
  • Find the product or service they expect and need from us
  • Come back for more and
  • Tell their friends about us.

We can find help with CRM software to manage customers successfully.

About CRM software

Customer relationship management software takes a personal approach with your customers onto the digital platforms. It helps managers provide timely and customized information about products and services that interest their targeted audiences.

Using artificial intelligence from data collected from past purchases, internet searches, and social media can all be used to place you into a defined target market. When you search for a product like bicycles, have you noticed a paid advertisement for bicycles populating your feeds? That’s the search engine using CRM software.

You know it’s all part of a conspiracy to place products that interest you up front to make them easier to purchase. These product-feeds serve the same purpose as the aisle endcap and window displays in a brick-and-mortar store – same conspiracy.

One of the best articles that I found about CRM Software comes from Business News Daily. Check out Best CRM Software 2018 by Mona Bushnell, B2B Tech Writer at Here you will find their recommendations of the top suppliers with a detailed review. They also include an extensive alphabetical listing of other CRM software suppliers. You will find their companion piece at helpful if you are looking to purchase CRM software.

Customer Relationship Management is here to stay

We love customers

I recommend that you become knowledgeable in customer relationship management and the software that enables it today. This is just one-way big data influences our lives — and sales.

If you intend to grow your business, I recommend using CRM software to better meet your customers’ expectations.

Post Script: Giving Credit where it’s due

I have not had the pleasure of using a CRM software program yet. My knowledge is limited to research on the various CRM supplier websites. That being said…

I must give credit to HubSpot as a mainstay in my continuing education. HubSpot freely shares their knowledge and research through their blog, eBooks, and courses. I have encouraged staff to take courses in HubSpot Academy certification programs. My daughter earned her certificate in inbound marketing through them.

A recent example

Since we must adapt to technology, I want to better understand search engine optimization or SEO — especially since voice-activated search invaded our living rooms with Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

I went to HubSpot for help and found How Do You Optimize for Voice Search? Our Experts Weigh In at

Business News Daily identified HubSpot as the “Best CRM Software for Very Small Businesses” in their HubSpot Review. This is the extent that I know about their software.

I am not paid by HubSpot. I am just a grateful user of their knowledge base and wished to share this resource with you.

Acronyms defined

AI - Artificial Intelligence
aka - also known as
CE - Continuing Education
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Reference sites

Business News Daily

Dunbar Theory

I find the Dunbar theory intriguing and have for years. This theory states there is a limit to the number of people we can truly socialize with — around 150. Find out more online to include these articles:

The Limits of Friendship by Maria Konnikova in The New Yorker magazine

Dunbar’s Number in Wikipedia