Equal Folks

Chat1 Graphic from Flaticon & Freepik

Equal Strokes for Equal Folks Today the DJ on the morning show referred to a female as a “girl”who worked at a local gym. I noticed this because I have yet to hear him speak about a member of the male species as a “boy” when referring to an 18+ male in a work situation.

Netiquette for online Discussions

Preparing for my classes this semester I came across these 15 rules for online discussions. I decided to share them here because these rules are rock solid for life on the .net. These come to us directly from the Online Education Department at Touro College. You can access the great infographic and original posting at

Certification and Preparation for government contracting

Small Business Administration Logo Certification

Certification can open doors for your business. The Federal Government offers opportunities that include set-aside contracts for small and minority-owned businesses. To compete for government contracts as designated, you must first be certified. This process is an investment in your future. This blog is a result of the research I completed for a client on the

Customer Relationship Management

Telemarketer Graphic from Flaticon & Smashicons

Since the beginning of stone-age trade days, traders and shop owners understood the importance of managing their customers’ expectations and satisfaction levels to succeed. For over a century Dale Carnegie (https://www.dalecarnegie.com/en) courses have taught students that same principle of putting customers first. I know; I am a Dale Carnegie Sales Course graduate. We now call

Blog on Hold — for now

Ok, no excuses for our blog; and here’s mine… I am working on two website builds and helping with an 800-page book. I’ve also been traveling to fun places plus attending webinars and in-person conferences to improve my skills. Meanwhile, I placed my writing on the iMentor4Success blog on hold while I catch up with


Flag of Japan - the origins fo Pecha-kucha

What is Pecha-Kucha? Pecha-Kucha is a slide presentation style used throughout the world. It originally started in Japan as a way for designers to showcase their talents. Pecha-Kucha takes you from boredom to stardom by keeping your audience entertained. You use your creative ability to tell your story in 20 slides at 20 seconds each.