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Since you found us, we can only surmise you wish to create a better you. We want that for you also.

We’re a mother/daughter partnership originally from Wichita, Kansas. Our careers have taken us around the world to experience new cultures and global organizations.

We decided to work together because of our love for helping others succeed.

Spider art scene made of rocks and wire in New Mexico; artist unknown

Personal success improves by working together as one — us.

Mom’s Story

Since my early years, I have been a problem solver. At my 20-year high school reunion, one of my classmates confided that she sometimes thinks about what I would do in a sticky situation. This flabbergasted me while at the same time, I felt honored.

The problems I help people with today center on their business/career lives. Basically, I help people be more successful by helping them to help themselves.

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Daughter’s Story

Because of my mother, I got hooked on marketing. Because of my father, I got hooked on music. Because of my mentor in college, I got hooked on the entertainment industry. These are the worlds I can share with you.

By joining my mother in this endeavor, I hope to give you some insight that will help you grow. Find my story on my online portfolio!

Your Story

That’s the intent of this blog — to help you be more successful in your life. We wish we had a magic wand to wave and poof, your life improved. That being the dream; the reality centers on you. What you want and are willing to do with integrity determine your results.

We hope in this blog you find references, ideas, and actions to help create a better you – the hero of your story.


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Ginny and Jan


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