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How the site started

In 2009 after many years in sales, marketing, and promotions, I knew I needed professional help with the digital age of the internet to achieve success.

AOL mailer tin from 1990s advertising FREE 700 hours for 45 days
AOL got us talking through email between internet services | I still have my¬†original AOL address ūüėČ

I was there when the digital age started and it was confusing. Too many experts recommended, advised, and forecasted different scenarios. The future looked blurry. I felt uncertain as to the direction I needed to take our marketing and business development efforts.

Quinnipiac University Logo

Help came with Quinnipiac University. In 2012 I completed my Master of Science Degree in Interactive Communications. I started iMentor4Success website as part of my studies in social media.

Why iMentor4Success?

The website grew from my desire to help people succeed. That’s what I do. Sometimes it’s just an act of kindness towards someone — or a smile. Other times I spend years of dedication to a cause. For ten years I served as my daughter’s¬†Girl Scout leader.

I also mentored my staff and coworkers on skill sets needed for their career advancements. I observe, listen and advise. Many have succeeded because they invested in themselves to achieve their results. I just made suggestions and taught skills when I could.

My motto has remained the same these past 20+ years.

Your Success is My Success

I continue living this motto only with a different spin now that I retired from Federal Government. My hope is that information shared on this site helps you succeed.


In January 2018 I rebuilt iMentor4Success because of the lightyears in technology advancement and years of neglect due to job commitments. I had to. Many of the blogs will be updated and reposted.

To simplify my life, I shut down the website I built as my capstone project at school. Now when people visit www.findusmarketing.com they will auto-redirect to this site. The information I shared there, will be incorporated into iMentor4Success.

Photo of Ginny and Jan
Ginny and Jan
Mother/Daughter partnership in iMentor4Success

I also recruited my daughter to join me in this venture.

What to expect

With the blog, I will be sharing what I have learned through the years or what I learned today. My topics will include advice on

  • Career Advancement
  • Marketing and Design
  • Writing and Editing

My daughter Ginny will be bringing her own areas of expertise — which includes music, marketing, and¬†mentoring.¬†She will be sharing her Spotify¬†playlist with us. More from her later.

You can find out more about us on that page.


Hello World.

Jan Bush

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